5/14/06 Gammacide's summer tour dates of Texas are just about finalized.  We will be making an official announcement here in the next couple of weeks. 

Check out this interview with Rick in Greek metal web zine Metal Invader.

4/15/2006 New interview in Danish web-zine Antenna.  Thanks to Per!


3/19/2006 Check out this review of Victims of Science from the Greek webzine Metal-Invader.com.


2/14/06 Gammacide are currently planning a series of Texas shows this summer.  These shows will mark the return of our original drummer Jamey Milford!  Brian Pho, who played bass with us for our reunion shows last year cannot participate.  Any interested bass players in the Dallas/Ft Worth area please contact us.


2/9/06 The April issue of Metal Maniacs will feature this live review of Rigor Mortis & Gammacide in their "Onstage" section.  A great article by long time scenester Jerry Rutherford.  Thanks to Bruce Corbitt for the advance peek!



Check out this review of Victims of Science from Diabolical Conquest webzine.

Here's another review of Victims plus an interview with Rick courtesy of Blasting-zone.com

Would you believe the mighty alternative radio gods TOOL once opened for GAMMACIDE?  It happened in June 27, 1992, when Tool was on their first U.S. tour.  I believe they had just released their first EP.  The flier to prove it is from the collection of diehard Gamma-fan Lane Davis, and has been added to the Timeline page.

A ton of pictures from GAMMACIDE's recent performances have been added to our Images page. (Gallery 7 at the bottom)


12/3/05 Review of Victims of Science from Live 4 Metal Webzine.



One last chance to see GAMMACIDE Live!  Be there at Phoenix Music Complex on 11/19/05.   This will be a headlining show for us, we'll be playing a longer set with some of the older Gamma tracks you've been asking for.  For more info visit www.dreamworldmusiccomplex.com

Click here for a recent interview with Rick for Stream of Conciousness webzine.




10/30/05 GAMMACIDE had a great time doing shows with Rigor Mortis the past two weekends.  Thanks to ALL the old school die hards who came out of the woodwork to make these 2 shows so memorable!  In a couple of days I'll have a full report and a bunch of pictures, so check back with us.  In the meantime here are some pics of both Gammacide & Rigor Mortis in Dallas on 10/22.

Check out the review of Victims of Science on BLABBERMOUTH.NET

European Customers can now order the GAMMACIDE CD at www.elses-metal-mail-order.com

Warren from The Penalty Box contributed a rare flyer from June 10, 1988.  It has been added to our timeline page.


10/6/05 The Victims of Science CD is ready to ship!  Visit our Merch Stand to order securely via Paypal or major credit card!


10/2/05 We are set up now to take advance orders for the Gammacide CD.  Please visit our Merch Stand for details.

We are pleased to announce that Real Metal Distro will be distributing Victims of Science in Europe.  For more info please contact:

Heinz Konzett
Real Metal Distro
Wingat 17
6822 Satteins
contact: mayhem@speed-tiscali.at


10/1/05 On 9/22/05 Rick from Gammacide, along with Steve & Luke from Rotting Corpse, and Casey, Bruce, and Hardin from Rigor Mortis did a radio interview on KNON 89.3 with Hard Time Radio DJ Thrashin Allan.  The entire interview can be downloaded here in mp3 format.  Mega thanks to Scott at the ultimate Texas metal resource Texas Metal Underground.com !  If you haven't checked out their site yet, you must do it now!


9/21/05 Gammacide has been added to the Rigor Mortis show at the Galaxy Club in Dallas, TX on Saturday Oct 22, 2005.  For more details, go to www.galaxyclub.com 

Tickets are still on sale for the Rigor Mortis / Gammacide / Rotting Corpse show in Fort Worth, TX  on Oct 29, 2005.  For details go to www.axisfortworth.com or www.frontgatetickets.com

Gammacide has also confirmed Saturday, November 19 at The Phoenix in Arlington (formerly Dreamworld).  For details got to www.dreamworldmusiccomplex.com

Victims of Science  has been completely remastered and is being manufactured now.  Bonus tracks include the four songs from the 1991 demo and two recently recorded songs.  The official U.S. release date is October 11.  This website will be set up to accept major credit card and paypal payments, so check back with us to order your copy!



This past week, Gammacide members Scott Shelby, Varnam Ponville, and myself (Rick Perry) returned to Mike T’s Sonic Research Studios to finish the two songs we started last November.  Bass tracks were handled by Brian Pho (The Numbers Twist, Red Animal War, Hanoi).  These tracks, “Against The Grain” and “Vapor Lock”, were originally written in 1992 but never recorded.  I have posted some "rough mix" MP3 samples for you to preview:

(right click and "save target as")



Both of these songs, along with entire 1991 demo, will be included as bonus tracks for the CD reissue of Victims of Science, which is now scheduled for release in late October 2005.  Victims was originally released in 1990, and has been out of print for many years.  This will be the first time it is released in CD format.  The packaging will remain faithful to the original vinyl release, with all lyrics and vintage photos. 

We are currently in discussions with a couple of different companies who are interested in distributing Victims in South America, Japan, and Europe.  It will be readily available in the United States through several mail order and online catalogs, and of course here at www.gammacide.com

In conjunction with the Victims reissue, we plan on performing a select number of live gigs.  The line up for these shows will be Varnam Ponville on vocals, Rick Perry & Scott Shelby on guitars, Brian Pho on bass, and Ed Velez on drums.  We had intended to do these gigs with our original drummer Jamey Milford.  However, Jamey lives in Colorado and this distance will make rehearsing too difficult.  Ed Velez, who currently drums for When Life Has Ceased, is a long time friend of the band and a powerful thrash metal drummer who can do justice to the Gammacide material.

Our first confirmed show will prove to be a memorable one, since we will be sharing the stage with two other reunited Texas Thrash bands from the 80’s:  Rigor Mortis and Rotting Corpse!  This classic line up will be destroying the Axis club in Fort Worth, TX on 10/29/05.  Advance tickets are on sale now. For more info visit



Lastly, I would like to thank all of you die hard thrashers for your emails.  Without your encouragement and support, none of this would have happened. 

                                                                                                                                                                                 Rick Perry


6/22/05 Chris Winch emailed me, noting a very important omission on the Timeline page.  5/16/1991 was the day that the Clash of the Titans tour played in Dallas, featuring Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax and Alice in Chains.  GAMMACIDE was selected to play the "side stage" (located in the courtyard by the concession and merchandise stands.  Although scheduled to play during each of the three intermissions between the main stage acts, the promoters pulled the plug on GAMMACIDE after their first set caused a violent pit, disturbing both the patrons of the beer stands and also members of Slayer and Anthrax.  Thanks Chris, our list of gigs has been updated. 


5/1/05 Andrew from the Ukraine metalzine TERRORAISER did an interview/story on Gammacide.  It's in the current issue.  It is a killer zine, but unfortunately I can't read it.  Contact them at PO  Box 619, Vinnitsa, 21001, Ukraine.  Or email them at terroraiser@ukr.net

Joshua Miles contributed a rare flyer from March 89 for a gig Gammacide did in Victoria TX.  It has been added to the timeline page.  Thanks for the addition!

Scott completed his lead tracks for the two "new" Gammacide songs. 

Gammacide has a page up on the online community Myspace.  Check it out at myspace.com/gammacidethrash


3/2/05 Ozzy Caldwell (longtime Gammacide stagehand, driver, guitar tech, etc. etc.) contributed several rare flyers from his collection.  Some of them were for show dates that I did not have listed.  I have added them to the TIMELINE page (the recent additions are in white).  Thanks Oz!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
1/30/05 Gammacide's "Shock Treatment" was aired on Sirius Satellite radio's Hard Attack channel today.  The show "Bloody Roots" featured some of the lesser known thrash bands of the 80's.  Here's the description from the Sirius website:

1/30 - Bloody Roots Salutes the Minor Leagues of Thrash: From 1987 to 1992, the heavy metal world was rocked by thrash metal, the violent and ultra-fun underground style that still influences everyone from Lamb of God to Shadows Fall. Today, Bloody Roots host Ian Christe, goes far beyond Slayer and Metallica, to unearth some of the most surprising unsung heroes of the thrash generation: Artillery, Sadus, Dead Horse, Angkor Wat, Exorcist, Sacrifice, Gammacide - and the band that helped Pantera become cowboys from hell - New Orleans' own Exhorder. Bring your own bullet belt, and get ready for pure speed.


1/6/05 If you haven't done so already, you must check out Texas Metal Underground.com.  A great resource for all the great underground metal music that came from Texas in the late 80's/early 90's.  Scott from TMU recently conducted a lengthy interview with Rick in which he discussed Warlock, Gammacide and Puncture.  Check it out here.  Check out the Video Department as well, you can download some rare live footage of GAMMACIDE live in 1989.

12/30/04 Ruth Velez sent me some rare pics of GAMMACIDE playing in some warehouse.  I can't even remember where this gig was, but it was the original line up so it probably was 1987 or 1988.  It is possible that it is the 10/15/88 gig at Club Techniques (see TIMELINE). Ruth is married to Ed Velez, drummer for local thrashers Nuclear Winter (featuring KNON's Thrashin Allen on vocs).  Thanks Ruth for the contribution!  Her pix were added to Gallery 1 on the Images page, they are the ones at the bottom.

Metal webzine METAL SIDE (based in Poland) recently did an article on GAMMACIDE, covering the band's history.  Check it out here. (scroll to bottom of page and click on "Gammacide.")  Thanks Damian and keep up the great work!



Found an old Metal Forces magazine with a review of GAMMACIDE's 91 demo.  It has been added to the PRESS page.


12/9/04 I feel total shock and disgust at the senseless murder of Dimebag Darrell Abbott.  This is a blow to metal on par with the deaths of Bon Scott, Cliff Burton, or Randy Rhoads.  My wife Lenise & I, along with the other members of GAMMACIDE want to send our love and condolences to Vince, Rita, and all the families and friends who were affected by this tragedy.  As a fellow Arlington metal musician, throughout my time in Warlock, Gammacide, and Puncture, our paths often crossed with Darrell and Pantera, and through it all Darrell was always cool, down-to-earth, and a great person to know.  R.I.P.  Darrell!!!   
12/1/04 Some cool news for GAMMACIDE fans:  For the first time in 12 years, GAMMACIDE entered the recording studio.  Varnam, Jamey, Scott and Rick got together over the Thanksgiving holidays to record a couple of lost gamma-classics.   "Vapor Lock" is a down tuned crusher, while "Against the Grain" is a high speed thrash attack.  These songs were written shortly after the 91 demo, but were never recorded.  Both tunes are vintage Texas metal, packed with blazing riffing, tortured lead solos, and piledriving drums.  We recorded these songs so that we would have a couple of new tracks to add to our CD reissue of Victims of Science, which should come out early next year. 

Varnam & Jamey recently contributed some new (old) pictures for the IMAGES page.  Some rare ones from our one and only California tour, plus some old promo shots with the original line-up.  Jamey also had some more flyers and tourdates for me to add to the TIMELINE page.

All old school thrashers!  To get on our e-mailing list, or just to let us know you are out there, don't forget to sign our GUESTBOOK!


10/10/04 I added a few flyers to the TIMELINE page.  The dates of these shows were 8/1/87, 3/25/89, 4/22/89, & 2/14/98. 

URGENT:  If any of you gamma-thrashers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area know how I can get in contact with our former bassist Blade, please drop me an email!

Check back with us in a few weeks, I've got a very cool announcement to make. 


9/18/2004 Varnam attended the recent Michael Schenker/Ulrich Roth show in New Orleans.  Playing bass for Schenker was none other than Ghames Jones, who helped GAMMACIDE out in 1990 by playing bass on their California tour!  Click here for a link to Ghames' personal site.

Metal Archives recently added a couple of GAMMACIDE reviews to their very comprehensive site.  Click for the review of GAMMACIDE's 87 demo and Victims of Science.


9/3/2004   Very cool to receive all the positive responses on the gamma-site.  Thanks mega.  It was kind of funny, one week after this site went up a copy of the Metal Cruelty cassette sold for $30 on ebay.

I received a package in the mail from Jamey today, and it contained some great individual pics of the original GAMMACIDE line up: Eric, Jamey, Varnam and myself.  I've added them to the IMAGES page, they are the four at the bottom.  These pics were taken in 1987 by Jamey's sister Janice for a photojournalism project.  He also sent me some fliers I did not have in my collection.  I added the tourdates and fliers to the TIMELINE page.  Thanks Jamey for the awesome contribution!

While you are here, don't forget to sign the GUESTBOOK




After years and years of talking smack, I finally got off my ass and got this website up.  From 1986 to 1992, I lived, breathed, ate and shit nothing but GAMMACIDE -- my whole life was devoted to underground thrash.  In those days, I would spend all day answering mail, booking gigs, practicing, or going out on late-night flyering missions.  If we would have had the internet back then, I'm sure GAMMACIDE would have taken advantage of that too.  Nowadays I'm busy with work and family, but it was only a matter of time before I put this website up as a tribute to the band that occupied so much of my time during those years.  Last year Varnam and myself did a lengthy interview with Matt Coe of SNAKEPIT magazine.  I had hoped to get the site finished before the article came out, but you know how that goes.  For those of you who didn't see the article, there are some scans of it on the PRESS page.  This site is not finished, I have more stuff to add so check back soon.   All you old school thrashers who we've lost contact with over the years, this site is dedicated to you!  Please take the time to sign our GUESTBOOK, and don't hesitate to email myself or Varnam if you want to contact us directly, we'd love to hear from you guys.

The original release of Victims of Science was never properly mastered.  On top of that, you can do a search for GAMMACIDE on Yahoo and find tons of people selling inferior bootleg copies (most of these are either cassette dubs or burned CDs off of the original vinyl).  There are plans to re-issue all the GAMMACIDE material on one CD.  We'll let you know more as it gets closer, please be patient.  Our contract with the label that released Victims of Science expired a few years ago, and all the rights reverted back to us.  The goal is to re-master Victims properly and include both our 1987 and 1991 demos as bonus tracks. 

Have you heard of BATTLEBOTS?  They are these machines that these guys build and then they combat each other.  The challenges between the Battlebots are aired on Comedy Central.  One of the Battlebots is named "Gammacide."  I wonder where they got that name from.  Check out Gammacide here.

Also, on a sad note, some of you who have not been in close contact with us in the past few years may not know that Gammacide's original bassist Eric Roy was murdered on October 3, 2001.  Putting this site together and looking at all the old pictures and articles brought back a lot of memories of big E.  Rest in peace, metal brother! 

                                                                                                                                                                                           Rick Perry