"our destination is written in bones"

In the eighties, in those dark days before the internet, metal fans relied on a vast underground network of fanzines to get information on up and coming bands.  Many of these "zines" were small xeroxed pamphlets and had a circulation of no more than a couple of hundred, but some of the zines rivaled mainstream rock magazines with professional layout, photography, and printing.  In addition Great Britain's Kerrang! and Metal Forces provided a welcome alternative to the likes of Hit Parader and Circus.  This is a small sample of the zines that featured GAMMACIDE.  For some of the scans, I've included the entire page so you can check out what other bands were being featured around the same time.


METAL FORCES (England) No. 27 1988   demo review

KERRANG! (England) April 1988     demo review

IRON PLANET (United States) May 1988     demo review

MORBID MAG (Norway) No. 3 1989     interview 1 2

DALLAS OBSERVER (United States) March 1990     LP review

METAL FORCES No. 48 1990     LP review

METAL FORCES No. 49 1990     interview

BATTERY (Belgium) No. 5 1990     interview 1 2

SACROFORMITY (Denmark) 1990     interview

THRASHIKUS (United States) No.1 1990     LP review

THRASHIKUS No. 2 & 3 1990     interview part 1 part 2

AAARRRGGGHHH! (New Zealand) June 1991     interview 1 2

THRASHIKUS No. 4? 1991     91 demo review

METAL FORCES No. ? 1991     91 demo review    

SNAKEPIT (United States) No. 11 2003     interview* 1 2 3 4

TERRORAISER (Ukraine) April 2005 interview

*by far the most comprehensive feature on GAMMACIDE is this interview with Matt Coe for the summer 2003 issue of Snakepit